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300 pages

Animal Energies: Interpreting the Messages and Warnings of Animals is a book about animals, and what our physical and spiritual encounters with them might teach us about various aspects of our own lives. We examine the behavior of 60 creatures – including mammals, birds, reptiles and insects – who live wild in North America, and suggest possible explanations as to how their strengths can help us learn things we need to know. We also look at how their vulnerabilities or blind spots may send warnings we should heed.

The concept of animal-as-teacher is a basic tenet in many Native American traditions, where animals are considered to be our older, wiser brothers and sisters. Their energies can teach us to better understand ourselves, heal old wounds, adapt to new situations, or they might warn us of dangers. Animal Energies shows us that we can interpret our physical and spiritual encounters with animals in ways that will help us achieve a balance with the natural world in which we all live.

This new book, published by Skyhorse Publishing, is a greatly expanded revision of the Animal Energies booklet that we self-published in 1992. That book sold over 100,000 copies! This new edition contains more factual information about each animal, and lengthier suggestions as to what each being might be able to teach us. Its 300 pages are enhanced with more than 100 photographs in vibrant colors that overflow onto rainbow pages of text. New material includes original stories, a guide for conducting a smudging ceremony, and reflections on the Vision Quest.

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